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'Biodiversity for kids' teacher's kit
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'Biodiversity for kids' teacher's kit

'Biodiversity for kids' is a hands-on Science and Technology unit that is designed to help teachers educate students about biodiversity in your local environment. Students will learn about biodiversity, animal and plant habitats, ecosystems, food chains and webs and biodiversity surveys. Available with a DVD. This short (12 min) video features the outstanding biodiversity of NSW and a variety of animals, plants and landscapes. National parks and reserves conserve and protect our natural and cultural heritage. We can help too; by the way we look after the natural environment where we live. The web of life means living things, including us, depend on each other for survival. One highlight of the unit is a plant and animal survey of the school grounds. The results of the survey and the students' proposed 'action plan' will become useful information for your School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP), contributing to achieving the objectives of the NSW Environmental Education Policy for Schools. The teacher's kit was developed by the NPWS in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and Training. It complements the 'Mini-worlds' unit from the Science and Technology syllabus.

Published by the Office of Environment and Heritage

Pages: 75
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