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The Wollemi Pine
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The Wollemi Pine

Soft cover

In 1994, in the Wollemi Wilderness, a field officer stumbled onto a stand of weird, towering trees. He had unwittingly stumbled upon the botanical equivalent of a living dinosaur. This revised edition of James Woodford's Bestseller The Wollemi Pine unravels an evolutionary puzzle - the freak survival of a species that offers a window into an ecosystem one hundred million years old.

Adventure and mystery; friendships and rivalries; a gamut of emotions from confusion to excitement; scientific, legal and political problems... James Woodford, the Sydney Morning Herald's science and environment writers, tells his story with verve and style.

New Edition Available.

Published by the The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Pages: 212
Author: Woodford, James
Format Width: 126.0
Format Height: 198.0
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Price: $26.95
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