The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information of NSW

Annual Registration for Registered Land Surveyors, Registered Mine Surveyors and Candidate Surveyors

At the time of making payment the Surveyor will also be required to "certify" that he/she has met annual Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Select your Annual Registration renewal from the following choices:

Restorations to the Register

  NSW only Registration $886.00 (standard price $888.00)

  NSW and ACT Registration $1033.00   (standard price $1035.00)

Registration via Mutual Recognition

  NSW only Registration $886.00 (standard price $888.00)

  NSW and ACT Registration $1033.00   (standard price $1035.00)

Letter of Accreditation Fee $74.00 (standard price $76.00).

Land and Mining Candidates:

Candidate Surveyors annual enrolment fee $98.00 at any time (standard price $100.00).

Kurri Kurri Workshop - Candidates

Including accommodation $400.00

Excluding accommodation $300.00

Kurri Kurri Workshop - Supervisors

Including accommodation $300.00

Excluding accommodation $200.00

All fees include a 0.40% surcharge to recoup merchant interchange fees.
Please call 02 6332 8238 if you have any questions.