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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is shop.NSW?
A. shop.nsw provides the public with a one-stop-shop for NSW Government products and publications.

Q. How do I order items?
A. The best way to get started is to view the order process presentation.

Q. Is it safe to buy online?
A. All transactions that occur on shop.nsw are encoded with 128-bit SSL encryption. This provides the same level of security that many banks and financial institutions use.

Q. Why do I get multiple invoices and packages?
A. Government agencies essentially operate as separate entities, having their own Australian Business Numbers (ABN) for billing purposes. This enables the supplying agency to more easily track your order. It also ensures documentation such as tax invoices and delivery consignment notes remain consistent.

Q. What is a Tax Invoice?
A. A Tax Invoice is issued by the Agency you make your purchase from. It shows the price of the items, indicating whether it includes GST, and may show the amount of GST.

It must show other information, including the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the supplier.

Q. How do I access or obtain a paper copy of legislation?
To access NSW Legislation online, go to the official NSW Government website for online legislation

To obtain printed Legislation (either the current in force version or as originally made) there are several options available:

  • You can print out the legislation you require free of charge from the (legislation website):
    • As Made Titles and the Government Gazette are made in PDF and can be printed in that format.
    • In Force Titles can be printed as HTML or by generating a PDF version from the icon on the dark blue taskbar.
  • You can download the PDF of the legislation you require onto your computer and then either save it onto a USB drive and take it to any print shop or email it to them and they will print it for you.
  • Go to your local library to access the legislation website and print out the copies you require.