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NSW Legislation

The NSW Legislation website of the Government of New South Wales, Australia contains authorised versions of NSW legislation (including the Gazette). The website is provided and maintained by the NSW Parliamentary Counsel's Office .

To obtain printed copies of legislation, there are several options available:

  • You can print out the legislation you require free of charge from the legislation website:
    • As Made titles and the Government Gazette are made in PDF and can be printed in that format.
    • In force titles can be printed as HTML (online view) or by generating a PDF version from the  icon on the blue taskbar.
      • You can print directly (Ctrl+P or  Print button) from the HTML version of legislation you see on the screen. The printout will reproduce the view of the title you have displayed on-screen—single section, whole part, whole title etc.
      • You can also copy from the HTML version by highlighting the required text, copying and pasting into a Word or other document. Copying from HTML avoids the hard returns that occur when copying from a PDF version.
  • You can click on the delivery van icon on the blue task bar of the status information page for the legislation you want and purchase a professionally printed copy of that legislation.
  • You can download the PDF of the legislation you require onto your computer and then either save it onto a USB drive and take it to any print shop or email it to them and they will print it for you.
  • You can go to your local library to access the legislation website and print out the copies you require.


The Contact section of the NSW Legislation website provides information on how to give feedback or report difficulties.