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Darling Basin Petroleum Data Package (C154)

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Supplied by: Resources and Geoscience in NSW
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Date released: August 2017

Data formats:ESRI shapefiles, MS Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, JPG images, SEG-Y files, LAS files, zip files

Extent: Darling Basin and its sub-basins in New South Wales, Australia

Content: A comprehensive data package of the most recent petroleum prospectivity data for the Darling Basin

  • Overview of the structure and geology of the Darling Basin
  • Overview of the evolution of the basin
  • Updated stratigraphy and description of depositional environments
  • The history of exploration described and reasons for drilling each well put in table format
  • Outline of all available data available
  • Analysis of the hydrocarbon indicators, source rocks, reservoirs, and seals
  • Trap types described trough by trough
  • Burial and maturation modelling
  • ArcGIS project
  • Kingdom project
  • All seismic lines and surveys, including SEG-Y
  • 2D seismic interpretation
  • Well logs converted to LAS files if applicable
  • Tabled datasets for all petroleum and geological information
  • Reference reports bookmarked and optical character recognition completed

Produced by the Resources and Geoscience in NSW

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