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Murray-Darling-Eromanga SEEBASE (TM) and GIS Project (2006) C209

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Supplied by: Resources and Geoscience in NSW
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$110 (per CD)

Date released: June 2006

Data formats: Adobe PDF, ASCII, CGM

Extent: Darling Basin, Eromanga Basin and Murray Basin

Content: The Murray-Darling and Oaklands Basins Geothermal Data Package includes geological and geophysical data sets and an ArcGIS project to assist in the evaluation and assessment of the geothermal systems of the Darling-Murray and Oaklands Basins area.New depth to basement (SEEBASETM) model of Murray and Eromanga Basins and updated model of Darling Basin by FrOGTech and NSW DPI.

Produced by the Resources and Geoscience in NSW

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