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NSW government geophysics data package

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Supplied by: Resources and Geoscience in NSW
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Abstract: All NSW government geophysical data is available on a single portable hard drive costing $110. The data has been acquired by the NSW Government and Geoscience Australia under various funding initiatives. Included is data from:
- Airborne magnetic, radioelement and elevation surveys
- Ground gravity surveys
- Airborne gravity surveys
- Airborne electromagnetic surveys
- Airborne hyperspectral surveys, and
- State-wide geophysical merges

Reference: Geological Survey of New South Wales (compilers) 2017. NSW government geophysics data package (Version 2) (hard drive). NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Maitland, NSW

Comments: Located data for each project area is provided in five different formats (ascii text, BIL files, ASEG GDF and ASEG GDF2). Grids of each project area and the state-wide merges are provided as ER Mapper grids (ERDAS®), and images are provided in ECW, TIFF, or JPEG formats. Where available, supporting documents like acquisition reports, metadata and ESRI® shapefiles are included. Older surveys are less likely to have supporting documentation.

Year: 2017

Price: $110.00 (plus postage & handling)

Produced by the Resources and Geoscience in NSW

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Due to the impact of COVID-19 our delivery of hard copy products has been suspended from 24 March 2020 until further notice