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Marketing agricultural products and services

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Supplied by: Tocal College
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This book gives farmers the tools to become a marketer rather than just a producer. It details market specifications, product promotion, quality control and how to respond to consumer demands for animal welfare practices, health, food safety, environmental and ethical issues.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Basic considerations
    • What to produce and market?
    • Marketing chains and value-adding
    • Analysing market trends and the changing world
    • Case study: Livestock industry - Environmental stewardship
    • Eco-label and organic wool
    • Case study: organic wool production on 'Keelambara'
    • Commodities or niche/branded/specialised products?
    • Case study: Megalong Beef - getting close to customers
    • Case study: Alan and Shelley Green - eggs
    • Key messages from this chapter
  • Chapter 2 Market specifications and quality focus
    • Case study: Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Co-operative
    • Case study: WA Q Lamb
    • The MSA meat grading scheme
    • Market specifications for some agricultural products
    • Market specifications and the farm business plan
    • Case study: Northern Rivers Food - a grower alliance in action
    • Key messages from this chapter
  • Chapter 3 Selling unbranded products
    • Beef
    • Wool
    • Wheat
    • Case study: a $3m reminder to sell grain carefully
    • Key messages from this chapter
  • Chapter 4 Price risk management
    • Managing price risks for grain
    • Case study: Andrew Watson, 'Brigadoon', Boggabri NSW
    • Case study: WA farmers focus on marketing post-deregulation
    • Managing price risks for other agricultural commodities
    • Key messages from this chapter
  • Chapter 5 Marketing branded or niche products
    • Find your niche market
    • Set your price
    • Work out how to sell your product
    • Promote your product
    • Promote your business online
    • Case study: Redgate Farm - Jurassic quail, free-range ducks and more
    • Plan, monitor and review your promotion
    • Just turning up
    • Organic farming - a 'growing' niche market
    • Case study: Organic Feast
    • Key messages from this chapter
  • Chapter 6 The marketing plan - putting it all together
  • Chapter 7 Further reading, support and training
    • Further reading
    • Advice, support and training

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