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Annual Pass to NSW national parks and reserves

Passes are dispatched using regular post and are usually received within 10 working days. Until then you can display your receipt to access eligible national parks.

Conditions of use

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions which apply to NPWS Annual Passes:
  1. Upon receipt of your annual pass, it is your responsibility to ensure that the details printed on your pass are correct.
  2. Your annual pass can only be used on the nominated vehicle and for the duration as specified on the pass. Your pass must be clearly displayed, is not transferable to any other vehicles and must not be altered.
  3. Your annual pass must be permanently fixed to any untinted, fixed glass on your vehicle. It is recommended that it be fixed to the driver's side and preferably to the windscreen. Do not fix your pass to windows that can be opened and closed, that have film tinting or to the coloured tint along the top of the windscreen.
  4. Your annual pass is valid until the date shown and provides entry for the nominated vehicle to NSW parks and reserves as specified on this sticker. This does not include access to sites that charge a landing fee and to other fee-charging activities in parks such as camping, Discovery, museum entry and tours.
  5. Your annual pass must not obstruct the driver's vision of traffic in any way.
  6. Your annual pass is only applicable for private use vehicles with up to eight (8) seats. It is not valid for taxis, hire cars, rental cars, buses or mini-buses.
  7. To replace your pass if it is damaged or your vehicle is sold, you must retain your pass and your proof of purchase (conditions apply). Call 1300 072 757 for further information or to change or update your personal details. An administration fee applies to replace your annual pass.
  8. Lost, misplaced or unused passes will not be replaced or refunded.
  9. Entry to parks and reserves may be restricted due to safety, conservation or operational requirements.
  10. Failure to comply with the conditions above may result in a penalty infringement notice or your annual pass being revoked.
  11. This fee includes a 0.40% surcharge to recoup merchant interchange fees.
  12. Please contact 1300 072 757 if your annual pass is not received within 14 days of placing your order.

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